John Halfacre DWI Attorney New Orleans

If you have been arrested for a DWI in the New Orleans area it is very smart to hire a DWI attorney. Many people in their minds think DWI’s are not very serious and attempt to face them without an attorney alone. This can be a fatal mistake that could cost your increased fines and extended loss if your drivers license. Most people don’t realize there are two hearings when you get a DWI. One administrative, and one criminal.   John Halfacre is a DWI attorney in New Orleans and he can help you handle your DWI. In Louisiana DWI’s are taken very serious and after your second DWI they are felonies in Louisiana. If you want to get the best possible solution you need to consider hiring a DWI attorney. If you would like to contact Mr. Halfacre you can visit his website here:

Why its important to hire a DWI attorney in Louisiana

Image of drinkingGetting arrested for DWI is no laughing matter. Years ago it was not considered serious but now it can have a profound impact on your life. This can affect your employment, your driving privileges, and can even your finances. The estimated cost of getting a DWI from start to finish can easily be over $5,000. Having a DWI attorney in your corner can save you lots of money and can even help you protect your driving privileges.

Over the last few years Louisiana has cracked down on DWI offenders because of the rising number of accidents and fatalities caused by drunk drivers. You will not get a slap on the wrist but you will pay fines, possibly AA meetings, the loss of your drivers license and so on. That is why its so important to quickly find a DWI attorney that fits your budget and experience level.